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Chemistry Quiz app can help you improve your chemistry knowledge. Study chemistry like a game with the help of quiz questions and answers. Perform better on your next AP chemistry or College Chemistry exam by practicing chemistry questions with this Chemistry quiz application. Learn about Elements to reactions to Biological chemistry all in one place. Chemistry Quiz app is designed to enhance your chemistry learning experience. We have carefully crafted quiz questions for general chemistry to help you learn and excel on your next exam. 

Built in features of our chemistry quiz app let's you sync your progress in learning across devices. Progress screen also provides you a visual snapshot of how many questions you have answered successfully for each chemistry chapter. 

Each chemistry quiz question is accompanied by detailed rationale to help you understand the chemistry concept, and not simply memorize the answers.

**Over 300 chemistry quiz questions carefully organized into Chapters**

Some Chemistry Chapters/Areas covered in this quiz app :

Atoms, Molecules and Ions
Chemistry Stoichiometry
Chemistry of Reactions
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Energy Chemistry
Chemical Bonding
Chemistry of Periodic table of Elements
Intro to Organic chemistry
Electronic structure of Atoms
Acids and bases Chemistry
Solutions Chemistry
Chemistry of Ionic compounds
Redox and Electrochemistry
Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry Quiz is an app designed for College students taking basic/ beginner Chemistry courses along with AP Chemistry and GCSE chemistry. It is designed to help students prepare for general college chemistry course quizzes and exams. The chemistry quizzes cover most of the sections in the beginner chemistry textbooks. This application is not part of/ affiliation of any textbooks, educational institution or standard examination Board preparation textbooks. 

Our gaol at Eguruba is to make learning more fun and interactive. We would love to hear from you. Let us know how we can improve the app and help you learn chemistry better.