New Updates for our Chemistry Quiz App

Our Chemistry Quiz App has just had a wonderful update!


Besides including more questions to test your knowledge, we are also introducing some great new features in our Chemistry Quiz App. Flashcards, exam builders, and reminders are now easily accessible tools for you to incorporate into your study sessions for the best results.


Flash Cards

Our new flashcard feature allows for you to focus your study efforts exactly where you need them. Mark favorite questions for restudy or tackle all of the questions and subjects at once. Want to sneak some studying in during some downtime? The flashcard feature allows you to select the number of cards you'd like to study to make sure your focus stays where it needs to in your limited time. 

The flashcards feature also allows you to mark cards you'd like to return to as you go through your questions. This way you can revisit the questions and subjects you need extra revision with as many times as you need. This great new feature is flexible enough to fit your study styles or even help you create new study methods!


Exam Builder

Much like the flashcard feature, the exam builder feature is there to help you focus on the areas you need more practice in. Learning from the quizzes you have taken, the exam builder will pick questions based on what you're struggling with the most. You have control over how refined you'd like to make the exams by selecting the number of questions to build for, as well as how many questions from each chapter. As they say, 'practice makes perfect,' and the exam builder feature is there to make sure you make the most of your practice.


Reminder Tool

One of the last new features of this update is the reminder tool. Much like an alarm, this tool is there to remind you of preplanned study sessions. Consistency and study intervals are great methods for studying. We want to help you make sure you are as prepared as possible for that next exam.


We hope you find these new updates as helpful as we do. Of course, we are always open to new suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to drop us an email or leave us a message on facebook!

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